Daisy Victoria – Animal Lover

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 09.28.24She’s back – the unrivalled queen of WCT Daisy Victoria has risen from the ashes once more and has immediately set her sights on giving our ears a much-needed massage with her latest offering ‘Animal Lover‘.

For those of you who’ve heard Ms Victoria’s sounds before there’s a welcome return of her interweaving between poetic vocal depths and high-as-you-like refrains. So what’s new about this latest release? Well, it’s not quite as poppy as ‘Pain of Dancers‘ and there’s a welcome introduction of a tad more drive. Whether it’s in the pulsating bass, the viciously exquisite guitars or just the fact that our aural host’s wonderfully warped mind has found a brand new inspiration there’s a freshness to her approach which signals she might have bigger things planned for the near future. Whatever it is, I’ve once more found myself swooning over Daisy Victoria‘s unique approach to her craft and it’s a delight to have yet another sparkling addition to her already stellar collection of masterpieces.

You can never have quite too much of something this good – who cares what the effect might be on your thighs if you consume too much? Live a little.

Ciaran Steward

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