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Video Premiere: Van Susans – Seagulls

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 20.38.07The ridiculously-talented Van Susans have just gone and done a session for smart-alec video merchants Ont’ Sofa who seem to have a knack for bringing out some special live performances from some of the most talented young musical upstarts on offer. They’ve got a version of the band’s latest single ‘Seagulls‘ on hand which you can check out for the first time below while you undoubtedly fall in love with Olly Andrews’ charming voice.

In fact it’s so good I’m not even going to make you read any more of my nonsense first – go wrap your peepers around it right now and then stick around for some irreverent/irrelevant comments afterwards if you so choose;

So as the band take over the beautifully decorated Studio 92 they fill the room with an alternative folk sound that’s not as infuriating as some of those overly-poppy folk efforts and has more than enough sublime musical ability on offer for even the most stubborn of indie kids to at least give it a chance.

The whole band work so expertly as an ensemble that the highs and lows of the song are incredibly effective and you’ll continue to be drawn into their sound right until the final throws. There’s perhaps half a second of uncertainty in the whole song but, hey, we all make mistakes – that’s why they put erasers on pencils.

If you’re a fan of this there’s plenty more musical goodness from this bunch of ragamuffins to be found online so let yourself be drawn down the rabbit hole for an hour or two.

Ciaran Steward

Check out some more Van Susans here and more Ont’ Sofa here.

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