DIVAN – Shards

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.05.51Once you get over the initial fear that you’ve accidentally strapped in for the full length version of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Tusk‘ you’ll find it fairly easy to enjoy these new sound from DIVAN – the latest in a long line of bands who seemingly can’t work out how to turn off caps lock. Seriously, it’s been done – let it go.

Luckily for this lot they’ve got enough quality about them to justify screaming their name from the top of the highest towers imaginable as they produce a song so enticing that you’ll be reluctant to ever let it end. With slight hints of old school folk sounds being enveloped by a wash of indie rock darkness this somewhat off-kilter offering is captivating and relentless in its efforts to pull you in as if it were an oddly obsessive wave. The Dublin three-piece work excellently as a unit with each sounds bouncing off the others to create a product far more alluring than simply the sum of its parts. That delicious time signature works particularly in their favour as a way to keep listeners alert – this definitely isn’t a song to listen to on the train as there’s no chance you’ll remember to get off when you pull in to the platform. I assume.

With a healthy dose of confidence and swagger the trio have plenty of potential to go far bigger than just the underground indie circuit as theatre’s something about their aural choices that have a mainstream appeal about them. Keep your third eye on this lot – they might be on the verge of something special.

Ciaran Steward


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