Tangerines – Long Way Home

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 11.13.54Oh sweet summer days how I love thee – even if I do tend to end up fixated on a laptop screen whittling away pretentious nonsense about music that’s not getting the love it deserves. Hopefully the sounds of Tangerines will be drifting out on the open air as BBQs are lit and inflatable footballs are kicked over garden walls throughout the next few months.

The Peckham-formed bunch add in some much-needed bizarre brass sounds to give a little more heft to their outcast style – that vocal isn’t the sort of thin you’ll hear too often but it’s a joy to be caught up in something so raw that you’d get salmonella if you tried to consume more than your fair share. Guitar sounds that could have come from a Gallagher are excusable in a track such as this and – as well as there being a certain ’90s vibe on offer – the band seem to be fitting in nicely to the protest-fuelled culture that should be on the rise in the wake of whatever this ridiculous year of politics and news has thrown at us.

Cheer yourself right up by listening to this no-nonsense, carefree slice of feel-good music – it’s even got Michael Gove on the cover, which is… something… I guess…

Ciaran Steward

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