George Cosby – All Of Your Love

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-11-00-03With a voice transported straight from a forgotten era this gentle, rising beauty from George Cosby is hard not to sit down and enjoy a warm hot chocolate to. Before you go too heavy on the marshmallows though it’s best to grab a blanket and a coupe of tissues – not for anything untoward, there’s just a bit of dust in my eye. I mean, your eye. I mean… er…

As the guitar whittles away softly as though being played like a harp the crooning Mr Cosby brings a warm voice into your home as though he were a kind older relative or neighbour, the sort of person that you would look up to in admiration. And then he hits the falsetto. Oh boy does he hit it. There must be a good four or five octaves of range to this man’s voice and he knows exactly how to use it. The sounds slowly plods along in a style that could easily make this classic rom-com filler yet that absolutely stunning voice leaves this one standing a cut above.

As George Cosby repeatedly asserts that he wants to treat you right there’s absolutely no reason not to believe him. The tenderness and calmness about his delivery suggests he might just be one of the good guys after all.

Ciaran Steward

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