Hiva Oa – mkII (part 1)

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-14-10-22Try these four glimpses into a rather dark and confusing world on for size. Belfast-based Hiva Oa have got something rather intriguing going on inside their heads by the sounds of it and, once they’ve laid it all down onto however many tracks in the studio, it makes for an entertainingly complex listen that’ll have quizzical looks galore flying rapidly onto your face as you struggle to deal with what the real meaning of life might be.

This EP (I think it’s an EP and not just the first half of an album – part 1 is a bit of a brain tickler) showcases everything wonderful about the bleaker side of music and highlights why we shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and delve into our own cores to try and find out what’s yearning to be set free. There’s a solemn beauty throughout which can so easily get you hooked and drawn into this dark, brooding world. Surely it’s far easier to write something that’s full of joy than it is to take a long hard look at yourself and take down that shadowy side that’s so often hidden away. The patience it must have taken to create something as thoroughly detailed as this truly highlights someone who has a commitment and bond with their art that so many others long for yet fail to achieve.

You’re not exactly going to be spinning this at your next house party but without doubt there should be some time in your life dedicated to delving into this enchanting world and soaking up all of the stunning sounds they have to offer.

Ciaran Steward

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