Frozen Houses – Goldest Teeth

screen-shot-2016-09-18-at-11-03-42Settle yourself in with a warm brew, a couple of custard creams and let Devon lad Frozen Houses take you back to a simpler time. His ability to soothe the mind is exactly what the doctor ordered for whatever morning it is that you’re trying to cope with the worrying ramifications of the night before.

Or even just a quiet afternoon when you’ve gone to your nan’s and the conversation is starting to run dry because you’ve heard quite enough about her contribution to the war that you’re not sure she was actually alive through.

This is all incredibly simple yet it still has a certain irresistible charm about it – there are plenty of people across the country singing with an acoustic guitar yet few, if any, are able to produce something as wholesome and captivating as this. And how many of them can say they were recorded in a caravan? With a comforting, kind voice and undoubted ability when it comes to having strings under his fingers, this absolute gentleman is sure to win the hearts and minds of anyone who’ll take a chance on his soulful sounds.

Oh shit, I’ve just eaten a whole double pack of custard creams. Might have to go grab some more.

Ciaran Steward

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