White Room – Stole The I.V

screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-20-25-35Strip the wallpaper down, pitch up a ladder with slightly uneven legs and pour yourself a cuppa – it’s decorating time! Though it might seem like a pretty dull choice getting yourself a White Room is apparently the new cool thing to do as for some reason it’ll leave echoes of psychedelic beauty resonating around the place as if the walls were blasting guitar-filled goodness at you.

All nonsense aside, this beauty from the rapidly-rising five some is absolutely stunning. The wavy sounds of mid-’90s drug-infested  independent culture flourish when blasted at full pelt and the glory of their electronic delights far outshines that of some bloke who is apparently now the best at tennis because someone else got sick. Hints of Ride and other topical references are abound as the guitars twist your mind like a melon and there’s enough attitude thrown into the mix to make sure this could easily take down Robbie Williams at a festival.

So pass the IV on the left-hand-side and plug yourself in as you drift into oblivion in your newly painted white room. Maybe it’s the paint fumes but I’m pretty sure that windmill outside is planning to get me…

Ciaran Steward Anonymous (That’ll show you, windmill)

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