Bryde – Wouldn’t That Make You Feel Good?

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-18-03-51Last time out I left Bryde in the capable hands of Jake and what happened was a brilliantly written review which captured her style to a tee and came across as very eloquent and enlightening. This time I’ve got the reigns, apologies in advance.

Well this is fucking brilliant, right? Being produced by Bill Ryder-Jones you’d ne’er expect anything less and, with as enticing a voice as this, it’s understandable why this young lady is turning heads covered with music’s biggest of wigs. The dark, desolate background creates a disturbingly peaceful background for each tender word and strum to slowly and tentatively step into. If you close your eyes it’s far from a chore to imagine intense, cheek-to-cheek dancing playing out in an empty ballroom. That makes this work so expertly is the contrasts between the beautifully tender moments and the blazes of glory that light up  everything that they touch.

If you give this a listen right now you’re damn sure going to feel good. Nay, great. Nay, on top of the world. Nay. (That last once was just a horse who snuck in while I was tripping otherwise engaged.

Ciaran Steward

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