Tuska – Da Da Da

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-18-21-24Maybe it sounds like your first words or the inane babbling of a man who may well be president of the USA by the time you’re reading this BUT in this context that simple syllable does a hell of a lot more good than either of the above two alternatives.

That’s because it’s in the more than capable hands of London lads Tuska who use it to lead a line of far out, eclectic sounds to contour up a world so magical there’s a rabbit pulling itself out of a hat on every corner. Recently picked up by reliable ol’ Tom Robinson, the Londoners are ‘here to make the kids bop’ apparently and, with cool hip lingo like that, they’ve perked my ears right up like a rabbit pulling itself off in a hat. With all kinds of mystique and potentially poisonous rabbit semen flowing in the air you’re in for one hell on an unexpected adventure if you put your faith in these trendy gents.

I’d be well up for letting them take me on a guided tour of their world, provided there’s a gift bag of some sort at the end of it. And not one of those crappy bowling alley party ones, I want proper sweets. But, seriously for once, check this lot out – you won’t be disappointed.

Ciaran Steward

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