Trudy and the Romance – My Baby’s Gone Away/Sandman

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-17-30-47The band that I would probably most like to spend a night down the pub with are back with yet another pair of exquisitely mutated singles. Trudy and the Romance are one of the finest bands to emerge from Merseyside in some time and everything they’ve released so far has been a sublime pleasure in the most wonderfully weird of ways.

Sure to be worth keeping an eye out in the next 12 months (come on now, they’re clearly destined for MASSIVE things), the trio yet again opt for a swinging style filled by sheer annihilation of every rulebook ever written about music. I spent half hour in bed on Sunday morning watching one of their live sets on YouTube and the three look like they’re having so much fun up on stage – one of the rare opportunities to catch someone remembering that the music industry is meant to be a bunch of fun and games. What a world it is to see such a smile on a frontman’s face and, with a voice more undefinable than any other, I simply can’t get enough of them.

If you’re only just signing up to the Trudy and the Romance hype train you might need to get a rail replacement bus. It’s still well worth it though, you’re in of one hell of a crazy ride.

P.s. Dear Trudy, I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you at Scala on Thursday – I was too busy watch The Apprentice and, in hindsight, I made a terrible decision. KISSES!

Ciaran Steward

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