Paris Youth Foundation – Losing Your Love

screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-11-40-33Once more my ears have taken a wander up to Liverpool while the rest of me has been sat in bed, deaf and dumb. But to be fair I’m not blaming them as they caught a whiff of this latest corker from the excellent Paris Youth Foundation.

No strangers to perking my left eyebrow a good inch or so above its normal position, the Scouse guitar merchants are really on the up with a management deal with the blokes behind some bands called Wolf Alice and Alt-J (never heard of them…). This recent beaut sees them continue to throw about as much caution to the wind as the kid who was always picked last in PE. It’s a rapid-fire ride without so much as a thought for anything that’s not about making the sounds rise to their absolute peak for each and every second they pass between your lug holes.

It’s great to see such a talented bunch getting the plaudits they so rightfully deserve and it still feels as though they’re at a very early stage of what could well be a life-changing adventure. Best of luck to them!

Ciaran Steward

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