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Video Premiere: LUNA – Free-Falling

press-shot-2-wct23-year-old, Liverpool-based singer, songwriter and producer LUNA knows just how to tickle eclectic senses and take you and such senses on a trip of artistic expression.

It really is quite an astonishing experience being encapsulated within the walls of any passage of LUNA‘s wildly expressive, and ultimately wondrous creative innovation.

Each LUNA creation is lined with an audible passage of enchantment for the ears and a mesmeric visual trip for the eyes, each distinctive and avant-garde.

New single Free-Falling is no different. You enter a truly wondrous place upon hearing LUNA‘s unique and utterly enthralling vocal within the subtle chorus passages, wedged between fascinating pulses of flash-fry, glitchy, CHVRCHES like production and slow-cooked synth drone.

Free-Falling‘s trippy visual accompaniment does the trick too. Expression again the name of three game. Where every movement, facial expression or artistic passage cuts deep into a trance-like atmosphere, making you feel every step, LUNA‘s off-kilter, expressive vocal tones delve even deeper and make you feel every word.

I tipped LUNA as one of Merseyside’s fast-rising New Breed earlier this year. Consider Free-Falling a further tip in itself, LUNA is fantastic. The highest of heights and brightest of lights, await.

Jake Marley

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