Roxanne de Bastion – RUN

1933354_10153641355638742_5871854318369665350_oI accidentally met Roxanne de Bastion around a year and a half ago when at a show watching a rapscallion friend of mine and, incredibly fortunately for me, I got to watch her play live and instantly fell in love with her sound. Why? Well, it could well be her effortless charm on stage, the stunning craftsmanship of her melodies or simply just because what I was hearing was one of the most heavenly sensations I’ve ever encountered in a pub on a Monday night.

Her latest offering features a super cool video with horses that look as though they’re in Tron. Does anyone remember the movie Tron? An emotionally-charged chorus spills beautifully into your ears after a verse which has already been tugging at the heartstrings more vividly than a labrador puppy at a roll of toilet paper. There’s a genuine gravitas that many others struggle to achieve with their voices and every word feels so thoughtful and true to home that this feels like it’s not just a song but an insight into an obviously intellectual mind.

18 months on and I still owe Roxanne de Bastion an interview that I promised would happen after I’d had a few ‘lemonades’. In the meantime, you should delve right into ‘RUN‘ because it’s an absolutely stunning piece of music that NEEDS your attention.

Ciaran Steward

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