The Slow Show – Ordinary Lives

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-17-56-03So get ready for something that’ll have you reaching for the tissues quicker than someone with a cat allergy walking into the home of literally any one of my elderly relatives – there’s a beautiful daintiness to this belter from The Slow Show that’s sure to at least leave your lips quivering.

If you’re into The National or any other bands that rely on vocals being deep and somehow both extremely comforting and slightly menacing at once then this is right up your alley. Behind the voice is a steady, calm array of sounds that could really lend itself to all sorts of creations but really there’s no avoiding that this one is all about the sublime vocal delivery of Rob Goodwin. The words seem to ooze out of his lips as if reading from some form of gospel, leaving you hanging on every word and willing to take his statements as your new direction for life. Such a power as this should ultimately be used for good but I’d be more than willing to turn a blind eye if he wanted to use it for evil.

More emotionally intense than any romantic drama has been for the last decade, spines will be well and truly chilled.

Ciaran Steward

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