High Tide 15:47 – When I’m With You

screen-shot-2016-11-28-at-19-10-51Last time I wrote about the fantastic High Tide 15:47 I ended up going on about longshore drift, something I later had debates about in a pub as to whether it should be hyphenated or should be three separate words or two separate words as used earlier in this already pointlessly long sentence. But I’m not going to get waylaid by something so trivial this time around, no sir.

Instead I’m going to tell you how extremely addictive their latest tune ‘When I’m With You‘ is and why you should be plugging yourself into it and looking up the cost of a tattoo of the band’s name. You could probably get away at work with it being anywhere but your face. Come to think of it, how much does a tattoo cost nowada… Sorry, got distracted again. What’s this I’m listening to? It sounds ruddy good, this lot could go far with ability like this.

If only they had some kind of memorable name I could use to link them to my extensive knowledge of secondary school geography terms. Oh, right. So, as I was saying, this lot are absolutely cracking because (That’s your word count, Ed.)…


Ciaran Steward

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