Tia Gostelow – Vague Utopia

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-07-03-39Aussie Tia Gostelow will be a totally new name to most. She’s yet to flicker widely on UK radar screens. Her wondrous new track ‘Vague Utopia‘ aims to change that however.

Drifting through a sea of glittery guitar flickers and velvet vocal haze, you’re instantly hypnotised, consumed by her wanderlust vibe. Distinctive yet dripping with arresting nostalgia, dreamy yet resonating with every single word. Sometimes a lovely track with no hidden spirals or motives just does the trick; this is one of those times.

It’s a tale of almost, described through words; on the cusp of adulthood, almost finished with school, almost an adult, almost free in the world. It’s staggering to think as the lyrics suggest, this is an artist barely 17. Just two singles in.

Thankfully this is an artistic journey just beginning. There’s an EP earmarked for 2017 and that debut record simply can’t come soon enough. Remember, you heard her here first.

Jake Marley

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