Psychic Love – Dye Pack

screen-shot-2016-12-22-at-11-03-40Anyone that knows about my obsession with Black Honey won’t be surprised that I’ve recently also been pretty hung on on the exquisite sounds of Psychic Love. With that same, slightly twisted sense of mystique surrounding them and a similar debonair attitude this US lot have got a swagger about them that’s pretty irresistible.

It’s slow, well-measured and yet there’s never a hint of dullness or beating around the bush from the Echo Park group. Accurately labelling themselves as dream grunge – which just shouldn’t be a thing but it totally is and it’s magnificent – the voice of Laura Peters is so utterly enthralling that if it were a novel you’d be reading it time and time again, savouring each last word. Almost hypnotic in places, there’s so much potential in this sound spilling out and surrounding the room around me that I’ll probably have to get out the dustpan and brush before anyone else gets home otherwise they might slip and fall.

There’s a whole host of their stuff up on Soundcloud, each track an absolute blinder. I’ll be sure to get in the queue if they ever head to London. By in the queue I mean blind drunk and whooping like there’s no tomorrow in the front row, obviously.

Ciaran Steward 

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