Heavy Heart – Keepsake

screen-shot-2016-12-22-at-11-41-52First off, I have to admire the effort of Heavy Heart for seeing their ‘one track a month’ idea right out to the very end – and for the fact they’ve finished it in such style as with this little ripper.

Yet again the allure of such an intoxicating voice lies at the heart of it all as this time out the New Cross five-piece play it rather mellow. There’s no big hurrah, no heavy-handed over the top send off, just a darkly melodic tune that’ll crawl it’s way into your ear and cling on to your ear-drum for dear life. As shivers inch their way down your spine – and you’ve checked that that troublesome window in the spare room is definitely closed – you’ll realise the sheer beauty of how this bunch manage to produce something simultaneously huge and compact in an ever-so-neat package.

Perhaps you’d have expected a grand fanfare for the end of their year-long project yet this is a much classier send-off, a true touch of class from a band who are so obviously dedicated to their craft that you’ll have to tip your Santa hat to them.

Ciaran Steward

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