The Molochs – You And Me

press_photowebGet out the old steamboat and take a long, hazy trip down the river as The Molochs make everything seem so free and easy that you’ll not have to worry about any real world connotations. Their dreamy tune ‘You And Me‘ feels so laid back that you’ll have to keep a hand over your pockets to keep from spilling a raft of 20p coins all over the floor.

Harking back to lazier days when one could just lie around in glorious, never-ending fields with friends and live on without a care in the world this Americana-influenced beaut will help wipe away any daunting clouds and leave you as cheery as Kermit The Frog as he finished introducing a celebrity guest. You’d ne’er be able to keep a frown on your face as this jangles away, spreading such positive vibes the like of which this year has been severely lacking.

Though winter is well and truly here it’s nice to at least trick yourself into thinking it’s a warm, summer’s day. Just don’t make the mistake of leaving the house in your shorts and flip-flops, that’s not going to end well.

Ciaran Steward

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