Dutch Uncles – Big Balloon

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-17-59-45This is my favourite song right now. I’ve definitely been incredibly positive about a few others this year (and anything Sinkane is involved with gets an automatic ‘highly commended’) but since hearing this absolute whopper from Dutch Uncles on 6Music a few weeks back it’s been the highlight of their playlist every day I’m at work.

It’s proper jaunty like and just feels like a good old-fashioned bit of fun music, surely these lads must be buzzing about getting to go out and play something this bouncy? You could probably host a kids birthday party on top of this tune, or one of those kind-of-creepy work outing days that these corporate companies seem to have that are all about team-building or whatever. Right from that opening bass – that’s digging so hard it’ll be striking treasure soon enough – through the blissful chorus until it ends far too soon at just over three minutes, my head is left in a very special place and I never want it to be moved.

This is ruddy marvellous, so much so I’ve not even had space to write any nonsense about a fake Dutch uncle or some kind of balloon-related story that has a tiny element of truth to it. If you’re not already addicted to this then get on it – it simply cannot be bad for you.

Ciaran Steward

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