SANDSCAPE – Artificial Rush

image004Eliza Shaddad has a phenomenal voice and seems to make everything she turns her hand to an extreme delight. Her latest project is a pairing up with producer Dan Sonabend – who provides some cracking, smooth-as-you-like beats for Eliza to echo over with all the grace in the world – labelled SANDSCAPE.

It’s a steady mover, like one of those cool looking guys you see in films who has to be in slow-motion to highlight exactly how cool he is. Except this is much cooler and he can get lost because I bet he doesn’t sound this good. It’s hard not to just get hung up on the stunning vocals but, if you can ever pull yourself away from that heavenly voice, there’s rather a lot to admire in the song’s production and the ways it moves seamlessly throughout, providing all sorts of aural treats that’ll have you biting at your lip if you’re not careful. This is electronic mastery of the highest order and one that’ll have you asking, nay, BEGGING for more.

So go on, slip into something a little more… This. I think it’ll suit you perfectly.

Ciaran Steward

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