Loose Buttons – Am I The Only Reason?

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-07-44-54New York outfit Loose Buttons have shared the second track from their forthcoming Sundays EP, following on from anthemic dose ‘Milk & Roses‘. Track two describes the thought process in the aftermath of a break-up, once the haze has lifted and you begin to question everything and major soul-searching begins.

Am I The Only Reason?‘ sees Loose Buttons looking in the mirror as one side of the split, wondering if they’re the only reason for the break-up, emotional charge is high and tears are close, depicted by shimmering guitars. “Nothing’s really wrong with you,” sincerely croons frontman Eric Nizgretsky seemingly hitting the wall, backed by smooth lines from his bandmates.

It’s a bit doo-woppy and ever so ’60s through the emotional sifting, almost reaching The Last Shadow Puppets second coming levels at times, before its monumental, wailing closing sequence of reverb, thrashing guitars and drum leathering. That, you could say, signifies the whopper of a hangover you’d have from the large amount of alcohol you inevitably knocked back after failing to find a reason the break-up wasn’t your fault.

That’s two out of two from Loose Buttons for me, if they can find a few more on this level to complete the set, maybe of the ilk of last year’s Crowded Room they’ll have a belting EP. Let’s ‘ave it chaps.

Jake Marley

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