Secret Company – Alive

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-13-42-26Bursting into life with more energy that Lucozade being syringed directly into your blood stream, indie-pop bunch Secret Company come out of the blocks absolutely racing with brand new single ‘Alive‘.

Everything about this track just SCREAMS pure life and joy, it’s uplifting enough to leave you having to dangle your legs over the edge of your chair in a struggle to try and get them on the ground. This has all the hallmarks of an anthem that’s not too far from being blasted out of stadiums – the band must already be pretty far along on their way to that stage by now given their previous array of festival appearances and appearance on Made In Chelsea. Seriously, they have music on there now and yet the BBC only has Jools Holland. What’s up with that? Scott Revell’s voice is really put to the test here as he sings with such enthusiasm and intensity that, remarkably, is matched across the board from all corners of the band as they build to a climax so life-affirming you’ll want to run out and give the next person you see a hug.

You might also want to get up and dance to this one as it’ll definitely have you struggling to sit still. There’s an album on the way in March as well, I reckon you can expect more of the same great stuff.

Will Robertson

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