Zuzu – What You Want

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-14-15-18As a fellow Merseysider, Zuzu has been on my radar for some time. Her zippy exuberance is so damn addictive she’s not off the playlist for long. Even when she is, she pops up supporting The Vryll Society.

I’m not sure if I’ve stated enough over the last year or so how much Zuzu slays, but she does. A fucking lot. Debut stamp ‘Get Off‘ was all gnarly riffs and infectious chorus and explosive second imprint ‘What You Want‘ follows the same blueprint. It’s perhaps a tad more poppy in its poppy bits than ‘Get Off‘. Deliciously so, though.

It’s also a tad fuzzier in its rocky outbursts and with Zuzu proclaiming “I swear to god I’ll eat you alive.” They’re outbursts you certainly don’t want to be on the wrong side of. Think I’ll just state how much I think Zuzu slays again just for good measure. You know, just in case.

It’s frankly remarkable the amount of emotions Zuzu manages to lob into one three-minute banger. She goes up, then down, then doesn’t give a fuck, then really cares again, then pops the confetti and waltzes off into the distance in a see of oohs and snarls.

There’s honestly not many that can compete with Zuzu on catchy choruses, painfully Scouse outbursts and – most certainly – emotional trainwrecks. She’s a Mersey gem and we’re buzzed she’s ours.

Jake Marley

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