Kidsmoke – Waves

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-10-13-25Loosen up your shackles, throw any pre-conceptions out the door and open up your mind, hear and ears so widely that I could wave to my mate James who’s standing behind you – this absolute peach from Kidsmoke deserves your full attention and to be welcomed into your life as if it were a long-lost sibling.

It’s a calm, medium pacer with washy guitar sounds and an all-round feeling of serenity in indie. Vocals drip with emotion, backed by pitch-perfect harmonies, as they tell tales that seem to resonate with human experience mores than your average indie outing. The Wrexham quartet manage to capture an essence of real life and pull it so hard into their music that it bounds around through each and every phrase, longing to be freed yet only seeping out at the will of its new aural masters. This one is a bit of a heart-wrenched and the frank honesty of it all is a genuinely charming rarity for what is, ultimately, a three minute indie-pop song.

With all the hallmarks of something that could cast a wonderful spell over audiences across the country, this lot might just have what it takes to do something special.

Ciaran Steward

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