HAWK – Take It Away

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-16-08-23Emotional, hard-hitting and often dark tracks really resonate with me. I think it’s the stark realism that hits home strong and leaves a mark. HAWK‘s new track ‘Take It Away‘ was penned as a reaction to victim-blaming after singer Julie Hawk’s friend was followed home following a night out and subsequently received several un-educated and hurtful responses from men online when posting about her experience.

It’s a chilling atmospheric soundscape even without the added real-life aspects. Such as a wish for a society where women can walk alone safely without being followed or cat-called. “I need to sleep in the night before you take it away” she implores, demanding the night back. In essence saying women need to be able to be out in the dark without the fear of creeping hanging over them.

Playing out over a bed of gothic-indie riffs and a harmonic rhythm of impending danger, the instrumentals set the tone for the story the lyrics are are playing out.

Take It Away‘ is taken from HAWK‘s new EP She Knows out March 17th on Veta Records. Expect more hard-hitting topics from inequality to preconceptions and exclusion. HAWK don’t shy away from topics the world needs to hear about and for that they should be applauded. If you go onto to couple that with the tight rhythms they churn out as a band, they’re quite simply sublime.

Jake Marley

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