Dead Pretties – Social Experiment

What. A.screen-shot-2017-01-17-at-09-09-18 Drawl. Oh how I do enjoy getting a juicy bit of Dead Pretties in my ears and rocking out in the morning before anyone else has arrived at the office. Get yourself pumped up for some, raw energetic music that’s more addictive than a box full of free Freddos. Come on, they’re 30p now – you’ve got to make the most of the freebies when you can.

These guitars are ramped up, vocalist Jacob Slater is amped up and the overall sound is thicker than that ‘thick’ cut of bread you can buy. Who on earth buys that? It just throws off the bread to filling ratio of a sandwich, disgraceful. With a punky spirit – and plenty of it – the trio capture an essence of rage that’s so often lacking in music and they use it to create a sound that’s far too real for anyone up in an ivory tower to even begin to comprehend. It’s never rushed yet you still feel as though it’s making the blood pump faster, the toes tap relentlessly and your head begin to throw itself around as if you still had those flowing locks that once adorned it, back in the day.

Let Dead Pretties look after your weary head as you soldier on through the day – it might be loud but it’s going to perk you right up and put you in a fighting mood. In the end, that’s all you’re after – right?

Ciaran Steward

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