PLAZA – Origami

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-10-36-11The extremely addictive sounds of PLAZA make a more than welcome return as they fly into 2017 head-first with this big hunk of a new tune. Using space in a way that puts feng shui to shame, the band continue their string of impressive hits with a somewhat drawn-out, intense offering that raises ore questions than it answers.

Steadily moving along at a pace that’ll have crowds doing that slow-bending knee thing that looks super cool except when I do it and accidentally hit someone in the back of the knee before having to apologise profusely, this is a hard-hitting beast worthy of a home run. As the swirling sounds intensify, reaching a cacophony of sounds that are oh so pleasing on the ear, the quieter moments seem so distant. There’s a real sense that this lot are on the verge of becoming masters of their craft as they ease through transitions, provide a wealth of different sonic levels and absolutely smash through this tune as if it were nothing more than a mere piece of paper folded neatly into the shape of a swan.

Get yourself ready for something that’ll pound away mercilessly between bouts of thoughtful reflection – there’s a lovely bit of everything good and proper about this.

Ciaran Steward

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