Acid Tongue – Lately

screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-07-06-05Sliding into your ear smoothly and with no care about who else sees, this latest tune from Seattle-based Acid Tongue feels like watching Grease after a night consuming anything and everything out of a ‘mystery bag’ put together by some bloke you met outside Asda.

At its heart, this is good old fashioned bluesy rock and roll – with a guitar sound filthier than the state of the Big Brother house would be if they housed horses instead of ‘celebrities’. Clocking in almost dead on at the three minute mark this sharp mover feels as though you should be watching it on a black and white TV with hordes of teenage girls screaming over it. Ringo might even be sat at the back, drumming along with his mop-top rocking to-and-fro. This is old school done right as the gents get right back into the spirit of the ’50s, complete with those unmistakable doo-wop ‘oohs’ and the jangling spring in the step of a song that’s set to sound out on gramophones across the land. There’s just a wee hint of the punk added in, just to modernise things and show that actually they’re much more rebellious than you might first thing.

Whether you want to do the twist, the mash potato, the monkey or just act all cool and give a gentle bending of the knees, this is a track you’ll just HAVE to dance to.

Ciaran Steward

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