Koria Kitten Riot – The Earth Will Spin Around

screen-shot-2017-01-20-at-19-13-34There’s a fairly high possibility that our planet will stop spinning at some point, though hopefully that’s still thousands of years away. In the meantime, Finnish music-makers Koria Kitten Riot can be safe in the knowledge that they are, indeed, correct with their latest song title.

This chilled out, slow-pacer takes a stroll around the houses and feels like a very welcome breath of fresh air and serenity. Often have I spoken about my love for Scandinavian indie music (swear to god, not even trying to impress here, I’ve just got a dangerous obsession) and these are the latest name on my list. It’s right soothing to have this flowing around the room, lighter than a feather and doing more for chilling me out than any medication/drug/cup of PG Tips ever could. It feels ripe for a lazy day, where you don’t feel any urgency to get up and do anything and instead you just want to stare at a bright blue sky and forget about all your worries. That’s so easily done with this head-wobbling gem. It’s almost as good as the feeling of having cotton wool gently rolled along your arm by  loved one.

People do that, right? That’s a totally normal reference? Like I care, I’m miles away floating on this endless breeze of glory.

Ciaran Steward

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