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The Vryll Society @ Sebright Arms

The Vryll are brill. Well before I even trundled down the streets of Bethnal Green to finally go and see the Scouse geniuses live I could feel a buzz, a knowing sensation that I was off to watch something incredibly special. And, boy, did they deliver.

Kicking things off with a sadly all-too-brief set were The Strawberries who at times looked as though they might be on the verge of either head butting one another or just leaning in for a big, sloppy kiss as the guitarists came together. On hand were cracking backings as the clearly Stone Roses lovers blasted out a series of catchy, guitar-heavy hits to a crowd that was already swelling, despite the early hour. Top vibes on stage all round from the boys from Leeds.

Up next, the unmistakable sounds of Francobollo – one of the most truly original acts out there. They’re definitely what ‘alternative’ should mean and the way in which they joked and played around with their set gave the vibe they’re extremely comfortable in their own skin and they’re rightfully in love with what they’re doing. From first to last they had a peak energy of mischievous antics and repeatedly got so caught up in the music that they may as well have just been sound waves themselves. Keep an eye on them because they really should be up on the biggest stages.

And finally, The Vryll Society. Despite talk of the flu bounding around, they damn sure gave it their all. Backed by a stream of gorgeous lights that filled the very few gaps in Sebright Arms excellent cellar, the band excelled throughout. Each one of them undoubtedly earning their stripes with song after song that filled the heart with hope and the mind with pleasure. ‘Air‘ is one of my absolute favourite tunes right now and they hit it so far out of the park the ballboy still hasn’t come back with it yet. These lads really are at the top of their game and one of the finest outfits around, you’d be a fool to miss out on something this good.

As I said, The Vryll are brill.

Ciaran Steward

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