The Vryll Society – Sacred Flight

img_20170127_025635The Vryll Society positioned themselves safely amongst Liverpool’s elite last year with several top draw releases, a conquering of the festival circuit and a few lengthy tours both in their own right and supporting the likes of Blossoms, culminating in a euphoric headline show at Liverpool’s Invisible Wind Factory to close the year in style.

Now they’re picking up where they left off, starting the new year with storming new single ‘Sacred Flight‘. This promises to be an exciting, productive and hugely defining year for the band with their widely anticipated debut album in the offing along with a huge trip to SXSW. ‘Sacred Flight‘ is the latest in a selection of album-ready tracks to be released into the ether following on from the likes of ‘A Perfect Rhythm‘, ‘Deep Blue Skies‘ and ‘Beautiful Faces‘.

From the get-go ‘Sacred Flight‘ oozes that groove-psych swagger they’ve long possessed as an outfit however like predecessor ‘A Perfect Rhythm‘ things seem toned up a notch, not necessarily tighter as that’s not really possible but ever so slightly more polished. There’s a tad more bounce in their collective step, Mike Ellis has a touch more attitude to his vocal bops and there’s an assured nature to each frenzied chorus of cosmic psych-pop fired out.

It’s tremendously feel-good; every pulse, every vibration, every riff, every soothing soar from Ellis. There’s a sense it completes you. As a wise man once said, The Vryll are brill. (Genuinely didn’t write this myself, swear down – C) Very much so. This is a band that gathers energy like a solar panel in the height of summer, packing it into every recording and live performance with staggering results. There’s no stopping this juggernaut. Good ship Vryll floats on further into space. Anyone know if EasyJet do Sacred Flights?

Jake Marley

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