Mons Vi – Away/Tangerine

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-18-32-59Prepare yourself for getting on your hands and knees as you’ll have to get your ear pretty close to the floor to really get the most out of this pair of tracks for Ney York’s Mons Vi. Why, you ask? Well because it’s so lo-fi that I can only assume that you’ve got to get as low as you can to really get the most out of this.

With less energy than a stoned student working their way through a box of mini-doughnuts on a Wednesday afternoon rather than being in the library, this sound feels so chilled out that it’s perfectly horiztonal and lying somewhere in the same post-code as Mac DeMarco and Devendra Banhart. Both tracks are equally low maintenance and leave any ideas about stress lingering so far outside the house you’d think they’ve employed a crack security team to keep out even the faintest hint of a vibe that doesn’t just say ‘ayyyyyy’. There’s something really wonderful about how these sounds are constructed, leaving plenty of space for your imagination to fill in the gaps while providing something that manages to be both thought-provoking and a complete mind-cleanser.

You’re in safe hands here, there’s no way you’ll get dropped by Mons Vi and – in the incredibly unlikely situation that you do – there’s probably a comfy bed on hand to soften your fall. How thoughtful.

Ciaran Steward

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