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Video Premiere: tinylittlerobots – We Can Be Stars

screen-shot-2017-01-22-at-18-52-31Get a load of the Scottish twang on this one – ye cannae beat a right proper regional accent on a track and, when it sounds as cracking as this new beaut from tinylittlerobots, it’s something that’s going to hook you in quicker than the tastiest worm you ever did see.

This is so catchy you might have to book a few sick days off work, just in case, and it comes bursting with more life than Octomom’s delivery room. As you bounce your way along to these sounds you’ll forget where you are and undoubtedly let everything loose, shaking out each of your limbs in a manner you might think looks like dancing but to others has a bit more of an ‘oh crap, he’s having a seizure‘ look to it. From the punchy bass to the tight guitars riffs and dependable drumming, the band unite powerfully and are so much on the same page that not one of them could give give away even a slither of a spoiler if they wanted to with the greatest desire in the world.

Get stuck in to these robots men then and the wonderful sounds they produce – you’ll nae be sorry.

(Sorry, Scotland…)

Ciaran Steward

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