Be Charlotte – One Drop

2017-01-24-17-03-59Hugely innovative, genre-fusing Scottish trio Be Charlotte are busy putting unorthodox pop on the map and latest single ‘One Drop‘ oozes stratospheric potential.

Opening with a ten second beatbox intro very reminiscent of Björk’s Debut days before duelling rhythms burst in vying for control. Charlotte Brimner soon takes charge with extremely poignant, poetic-driven chorus “one drop dilutes the ocean, can’t be reversed” as the beat goes on and on, rhythms pouring back and forth with her Scottish twang just adding to the rhythmic pulse.

It’s genre bending of the highest order, a real hyperactive blend of dark guitars, hip-hop and electro rhythms and pure pop dynamics. It’s ridiculously infectious and quite beautifully pieced together, there’s nothing like it around, that’s for sure.

Remarkably it’s never cluttered, everything serves a purpose and simply adds to the majestic soundscape. It’s just made to come across wonderfully live, feel good dancefloor-ready vibes aplenty and twisty, wonky-pop rhythms you crave more and more.

Be Charlotte are off on tour this Spring with dates including The Great Escape Festival and Liverpool Sound City, so there’s no excuse for missing this future-facing project live, you’ll regret it in years to come, this is big.

Jake Marley

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