Embers – Signs

screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-20-52-29The first line of the email this was sent to me in featured the word ‘epic’ and this is exactly the sort of sound that does that over-used sound justice. It’s an anthemic delight from Manchester-based Embers who channel some that old school big-as-an-elephant stadium rock vibe to produce something so stunningly big it’ll leave other bands crossing their legs and looking coyly away.

With a hint of U2, a drop of Sigur Ros and what I assume is a pedal board full of more effects than a JJ Abrams movie, the band have all the hallmarks of your standard big-time Charlies but with a dash of added charm and honesty that makes them feel like a refreshing sip of [INSERT NAME OF WHATEVER DRINKS BRAND WANTS TO THROW ME A FIVER] in a world full of tired, overplayed ideas. Why bother going for the same old thing time after time when you can delve deep into something as new and glorious as this? It’s like wearing the same pair of suit trousers to work every day for almost a year rather than bothering to buy a new pair. Or even take them to the dry cleaners. What an odd and definitely not at all true comparison…

If you’re into your classic big-hitters then this should be right up your street. With charisma and addiction to perfection, this bunch might have a tad more than just a feather in their cap.

Ciarán Steward

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