Bright Young People – Suppress Happiness

16174789_10154557752419219_6682304997771186317_nThe idea of happiness is obviously a construct far too complicated to get into in around 200 words of what is, supposedly, a music review. Therefore, I’ll have to take a leaf out of the big book of Bright Young People and suppress it for now, despite the massive urge to grin that’s flowing through my bones as I tune in to their latest single.

A sound murkier than a festival field on a Monday morning is matched by visuals equally desolate as the band whack so much drive on their guitars they’d be in a right pickle if they ended up on of the Speed movies. With a drawl so full of swagger you’d not be too foolish to mistake it for someone offering you a good old fashioned beating, the band simply ooze that leather-clad cool quality without having to force it by getting mummy and daddy to spend a small fortune on luxury designer threads that are made specifically to look as though they’re charity shop winners. Anyway, for a band who are supposedly looking at playing down happiness they seem pretty hell bent on letting others have a good time – even if it means that they end up getting ‘used’ in the process.

The guitars in this are top drawer, the vocals are more passionate than any marcher and the whole thing is a rip-roaring way to replace your early morning caffeine boost. Mine’s a large, please. Name’s Will. No, not Whale…

Will Robertson

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