Two Hands Full… Loose Buttons

screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-19-58-54The concept is simple. I think Loose Buttons are brilliant and their new song ‘Between Brick Walls‘ is an absolute corker. But words were failing me and instead I thought it would be good to know what they’re into. So the neglected Handfuls feature is back in DOUBLE-DUTY so that you can get a taste of where their genius comes from. The NYC act babe an Arctic Monkeys twang to them which means you’re a tit on both sides of the Atlantic if you’re not getting right into them. So here’s their latest beaut, followed by frontman Eric Nizgretsky telling you about music he absolutely adores because…

Pretend – Hovvdy

Because the simplicity of the melody and exact same chords throughout the entire song make it seem boring but it’s so not.

Always Focused – Tiny Moving Parts

Because this riff is insane, and what happens next is even more insane.

Fruitflies – Gabriel Garón Montano

Because we serendipitously got to play with Gabe, and the bass synth is out of this world.

Actually Smiling – Geotic

Because dance music is best when you’re by yourself.

Droool – Your Dog

Because this guy came to a party I had last week and broke a lamp, but he writes good songs so I forgive him.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Angelina – Pinegrove

Because Pinegrove is the shit and this song could be their best. If a song could give you blue balls though, it would be this one. I just wish it was longer than 1:30.

Darling – Real Estate

Because we currently have nearly identical Spotify artist pictures. Also this song is great.

Modern Act- Cloud Nothings

Because the pre-chorus of this song has been stuck in my head for the past week. The other sections of this song are pretty solid as well.

Tomorrow – Delicate Steve

Because it’s the perfect road trip song if your roadtrip took place on a Segway in business casual attire.

Because – The Beatles



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