Yellow Days – Go Home

screen-shot-2017-02-08-at-19-50-04Sounds like Mac DeMarco’s guitar has been stolen, but I’m sure Yellow Days wouldn’t know a thing about that. He’s too busy putting together lo-fi bangers that are smoother than the back of your hand after some tit tells you ‘check out this awesome thing I can do with superglue’. A lesson learned.

If you’re thinking of compiling any chilled playlists then this is the perfect vote for lounging in a bean bag with lights dimmed and the air pungent with a certain odour linked with tension relief. These vocals are so shudderingly brilliant that they could master jazz, blues, rock or pretty much anything else – it’s one of the best voices I’ve heard in ages and the delivery of lyrics just oozes perfection. The whole production is tight as you like and everything fits together better than that four piece jigsaw you really thought might take more than ten seconds to complete, even after that obscene amount of booze you’ve had.

I should really go home, I think the family whose house I’ve broken into to borrow their computer have just pulled into the driveway. I’ll leave them this track as a present though, that should even things out.

Ciarán Steward

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