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Video Premiere: Straight On Till Morning – Happy You’re Gone

straight-on-till-morning-300-0006Third star on the right and all that, here’s a new visual treat from Straight On Till Morning which has about as much magic about it as that nipper from Neverland, with an adult sense of self-existence thrown in for good measure. Plus, this one’s actually real so it’s far easier to enjoy than a conversation with an imaginary character – though my beautiful girlfriend would undoubtedly disagree…

The sparkling guitars do add a touch of fairy dust here and there but the star role in this piece is David Blomiley and his distinct falsetto vocals which steal every scene so expertly he’ll probably never get invited onto Midsomer Murders, I hear John Nettles is right grumpy about being upstaged. This feels all about escapism and it’s not a bad little ripper to disappear from the real world into – you’ll find things start to become a little easier once you strip back reality and overwhelm your eyes and ears with something this detached from your everyday life. It shines like a crazy old diamond with a rhythm section doing an excellent job keeping you from floating away endlessly. Actually, they do much more than just that and should be right up there in the ‘best supporting musician’ category at the next big awards ceremony.

Who would bother going to Neverland when you can just sit and listen to tunes this good all night? There’s no fun in that, here’s where the real magic is happening.

Ciarán Steward

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