Bird Concerns – Nobody Wants To Be My Baby

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-19-55-42With hints of old-as-time rock’n’roll blending with something that feels like it got a little bit lost in the ’90s, the latest single from Bird Concerns sees the LA quartet put together a string of catchy riffs and rhythms so familiar you’d give them a hug without a hint of hesitation.

Going down smoother than a cool glass of frosty OJ, the band manage to pack in everything from The Beach Boys to Coldplay in a weird cacophony of influences that leaves you feeling like you might have just sat through a whole musical in less than three and a half minutes. It has an ability to be lighter on its feet than a ballerina being lifted by those stage ropes used to make people fly while the bass plods along to fill in the low end with about as much life and joy as the stingiest of old misers. And it works, having that anchor gives everything else a little more freedom and – while this isn’t one for virtuoso stand-out performances – everything fits nicely together and ticks along more reliably than a grandfather clock.

It’s utterly charming and quite easy to dip in and out of at any time of day or night. Maybe they’re lacking in a ‘baby’ but they’re sure to at least court some interest now that this is out in the world.

Ciarán Steward


  1. wow, this song suggestion is amazing! I haven’t heard of this band before, but I feel like I’m now missing out.

    If I’m just starting to listen to them, what are the key songs other than this one, that I should be checking out?

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