St. Tropez – Democracy

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-20-23-30Having checked that nobody has put anything into my PG Tips, I can enjoy this corker from St. Tropez safe in the knowledge that the out of my mind experience is purely down to the music. Well, either that or those mushrooms I found in the garden earlier but I reckon it’s probably these fresher than fresh tunes.

You’ll have to be quick to catch this one though as it’s a right little nipper, weighing in at under two minutes of meld-boggling brilliance. That’s not even enough time for you to brush your teeth and, if it is, you’re simply not doing it right. It’s more full on than the NRA, feistier than Leslie Jones and apparently has me talking in American references that I’m not 100% are correct because I’ve never been. It gets super wigged out at times before offering you a brief reprieve then building up once more to this swelling cacophony of absolute genius that’ll melt your skin right off meaning that you’ll be clapping your bones together as you give it the standing ovation it rightfully deserves.

If you’re prone to the occasional hot flush or freak out then be warned – at least sit down when you get this on for the first time to make sure you can handle it. Then whack the speakers right up and make your neighbours more than just a little worried. Go on, it’s great craic.

Ciarán Steward

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