Tangerines – Peckham Boys

screen-shot-2017-02-13-at-20-33-54Unsurprisingly this latest track from Tangerines has already built up a greater head of steam than a bull who has just realised he’s left the oven on and has to get back to switch it off before him and the wife go off for a week’s holiday. Foolishly I was busy twiddling my thumbs when I should have been telling you how cracking this is. Please excuse my indiscretion and allow me to make up for it thusly.

This is RIGHT GOOD, YEAH? Get it pumping through your blood any way you can because it’s so addictive that having it in your veins is probably the only way you can show it the respect it truly deserves. Flecks of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and pretty much the rest of the Travelling Wilburys float through this with a good old touch of modern day East London chucked in there to keep things getting too country. There’s probably a pretty different Peckham crew around there these days – I even went down to a boutique gin bar a couple of years ago in another life, but that’s another story – yet this has a really dose of what it’s like now, bundled into the mix with a carelessness befitting such a group of stylish young men.

Let yourself be taken in by this absolute blast from the past and book your holiday to Peckham now. There are plenty of questionable chicken shops that I just know you’ll love. How romantic.

Ciarán Steward


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