Marsicans – Friends

screen-shot-2017-02-15-at-19-31-05I often feel like I’m ignoring all my friends when I give up evenings of my life where I could have been at the NME Awards (No, I’m not sure how I ended up invited either…) but instead I sit at home staring at a computer screen pretending to know something about music. But then again, when I hear something as good as this brand new Marsicans track I feel like I’ve made the right choice.

It’s stereotypical indie pop to the extreme but it’s ruddy good at what it does – taking time for a sombre middle eight before the inevitable pounding of a final chorus that feels more pumped up than Ben Stiller’s crotch in that one scene in Dodgeball that haunts me at night. Almost nailing the standard 3-minute template, this comes complete with one of my favourite harmonies since I started writing this nonsense, a bass feel that simultaneously would work on a cruise ship or in an O2 Academy and guitars that feel so life-affirming you’ll be pogoing around like a kid who has had too many lemon sherbets in no time. Struggles of reality are hinted at but it’s hard to focus on anything negative when you’ve got something as rambunctious as this flittering away in your ears.

Oh you know what, you need this in your life more than your friends. It’s stone cold pop genius from start to finish. (Just for the record, my NME Awards pass was a result of someone who couldn’t go offering me their ticket at the last minute. I’m still counting that…)

Ciarán Steward

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