Motherhood – Clueless

screen-shot-2017-02-19-at-20-21-31If you’re telling me something is called ‘Clueless‘ and it doesn’t have Donald Faison in it, usually I’m going to be a bit pissed off with you. Fortunately, Motherhood do a brilliant job of capturing the kooky spirit of the film featuring the soon-to-be Turk Turkleton that I simply can’t stay mad at them.

This is somewhat of an upbeat indie pop extravaganza that’ll have your neck wobbling like Paul McCartney as you try out your finest Beatles impressions. They’re Merseyside boys but this is a different kind of pop to the fab four, filled with a real sense of pop optimism – or poptimism, for short – that’ll no doubt have teens screaming away as though it were yesteryear. It’s breezier than the ferry across the Mersey, quicker than it takes the staff atThe Nile on Smithdown Road to cook you up a naan bread, cover it in special sauce and charge you just 35p for it and more infectious than the idea of popping into Asda in your pyjamas with your curlers in. Though it isn’t exactly a sound that you’ll only get in that rich cultural pocket of the north west, this is still rather enjoyable and a darn sight better than your everyday predictable pop tartlet.

So wipe away that frown from your face, pretend the hangover has subsided and just lose yourself in something so uplifting you’ll feel as though you’ve been stealing fizzy lifting drink.

Ciarán Steward

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