Purest – Always


Kicking things off in style, Sheffield shoegazers Purest have come out of the blocks more rampantly than a bull desperately scurrying through Spanish streets in a state of confusion. The foursome thrash away with reckless abandon as they spark into life through the audio belter that is ‘Always‘.

From second one it feels as though you’ve been thrust into the middle of an F1 race as the post-bunkers fills the air around you with so much quality music you might have a tough time breathing. Vocals seep into the mix in true ’90s style as the band help you spot that your laces have come untied. With catchy melody lines sneaking through the overwhelming noise you’ll find yourself becoming enveloped by immense sounds from all angles and – when it ends annoyingly soon, where’s the other half? – that shimmering haze echoes long in your ears, allowing you to bask in the glory of what’s just absolutely obliterated your mind. You might need to go have a cigarette afterwards, if that’s your go-to in situations like this.

Don’t let Purest slip off your radar – there’s something in this lark, I reckon.

Will Robertson 

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