Jordan Allen – 110 Ways to Make Things Better

screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-07-34-51Remember when anyone could make indie music and it just sounded free of any pretentiousness and was just a load of fun? Thankfully Jordan Allen seems to have embraces this sense of freedom and he’s got his head screwed on as firmly as can be as he belts out this new stormer.

With a full-throttle guitar approach coming in – following a phone message from the composer’s late father, to whom the track is an optimistic tribute – this is filled with catchy hooks and riffs so powerful you might need a quick lie down and a chamomile tea to sooth your aching bones afterwards. There’s barely a second where Mr Allen’s foot isn’t firmly on the accelerator and this steams away down the track like Thomas The Tank Engine on speed. It’s the sort of sound that’ll be getting rooms filled with sweaty young men bobbing away with so much reckless abandon there might even be the slightest spilling of an alcoholic beverage or two. Heaven forbid. With a whole heap of raw energy packed into three minutes of feisty as hell indie pop you better believe that this is going to get your pulse racing.

If there really are 110 ways to make things better then there’s plenty of things you could be doing to get that feeling of happiness inside you. That’s all you need in life, yeah? Be happy and be proud of who you are – this lad can definitely hold his head high.

Ciarán Steward

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