False Heads – Twentynothing

screen-shot-2017-02-20-at-07-45-11When turning twenty there are plenty of things you could do to celebrate. You could see out your teenage years baking a cake for yourself, perhaps, or you could rock out to the newest False Heads single as they power on with an abandon so reckless there’s sure to at least be enough damage that your landlord refuses to give your security deposit back.

Luke Griffiths’ almost monotone delivery strikes home as a disillusioned young man, tired of the endlessly unfair hand that his generation has been dealt and this anger rages through the whole band from the smashing of symbols to relentlessly attacking sounds from the guitar. This feels like a letter to everyone that has ever tried to put you down or push you around, it’s an art of rebellious nature that sees the plucky underdog spill his feelings out onto the record to make sure his voice is heard loudly and proudly. This is all about having an impact, making a statement and making sure that your voice is heard loud and clearly to anyone bold enough to listen. Whack this on and you’ll be raging against the machine in no time at all.

They also get in the shower in the video. Which is a bit weird. Still, it doesn’t keep the track from being an absolute eager that’ll keep you wide awake all night.

Ciarán Steward

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