Pixx – I Bow Down

2017-02-21-03-52-35The last time my ears met with the wonderful sound of Pixx was her proposal for pop domination ‘Grip‘ last year. Since that joyously hooky thrust of ambition, plans have been put in place for her debut album The Age of Anxiety, to be released June 2nd on 4AD. An album teased by the release of new track ‘I Bow Down‘.

Pixx has a way with hook overload pop, of that there can be no argument. The new kid on the block ‘I Bow Down‘ sees her both enforce that fact and evolve from it, all in the same sentence, resulting in some of her most danceable moments yet. It’s deep, dark and even slightly haunting vocally at times when placed flat alongside a loopy synth throb. All until the propulsive drum beat fights its way through and ups the ante, attacking with dancefloor-ready feet in mind. There’s also a small hint of a heavier side to Pixx‘s future with the entrance of a fantastic gritty, woody guitar riff in the final minute, bringing a real progressive feel to proceedings.

In beautiful ways it all joins together and separates apart again, expertly showcasing the diverse, three-pronged attack of Hannah Rodgers – diverse, weird and poppy. The middle passage of which is often played out in her wonderfully creative videos. Again the case here, as a head cast is used to show the many creative phases and states of mind she went through during the writing process for the album.

As a full package it’s another fantastic introduction into the staggering creative mind of a 21 year-old with the world at her feet. There’s nobody like Pixx, she’s that level you were always curious about but could never reach on your favourite Nintendo game and just like video games she’s constantly evolving. You can’t help but be insanely excited for the album. I bow down…to Pixx.

Jake Marley

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